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George Pacheco, Owner/Designer, GP Designs

The dust doesn't settle for long when George Pacheco is around. George has been fearless and full throttle since he rode his first bull at age 10.

It was when George built his first bike in his parents' garage that he knew he found his passion. It was a perfect way for him to use his ideas and skills in the machine shop and get the satisfaction of creating custom parts that aren't only functional, but on the cutting edge.

George is a about flow and symmetry as his creative and artistic side takes over when designing for GP Designs. George's designs consist of several patent-pending grips, triple trees and other custom parts that contribute to the unique style that sets GP Designs apart from its competitors.

His efforts towards perfecting a look that will turn heads have gained George acclaim at many local bike shows and biker magazines such as Hot Bike. More often than not, George's creations have won him the title of First in Class.

The key to his success is that George is quick to make his and every man or woman's dreams a reality. His top-quality chromed billet designs are unique, eye-catching and beautifully done. Until you see one of is bikes in person you won't understand the commitment George has made to create a superior product that will always be in style and on the cutting edge.

George's drive and determination have enabled him to build GP Designs into a thriving business where the sky is the only limit.



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